#Canada150 commission premieres with the TSO and TIFFKids

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver is a Toronto Symphony Orchestra and TIFF co-commissioned short animated film directed by Kjell Boersma with a score composed by Erica Procunier. The film premiered with a live score in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's Young People's Concert Series as well as the TSO's Education Series in February 2017. It was commissioned as part of the TSO's Canada Mosaic Sesquicentennial commissions to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary. All nine performances were conducted by TSO resident conductor Earl Lee.


We were fortunate to get a live recording of DAM! to accompany the film which will be shown in April at the TIFF Kids film festival. We are being featured in two programs of shorts: "Me Up Front" and "Reel Rascals Senior: Pack Your Bags!"

Me Up Front (64 minutes) Ages 6-8:
Sometimes it takes a friend to solve a problem or realize one’s potential. It’s only when we’re encouraged by those around us that we realize the true value of being ourselves.

April 11 @ 12:30pm
April 12 @ 10:15am
April 15 @ 12:45pm
April 17 @ 12:30pm
April 20 @ 12:45pm
April 21 @ 10:30am
April 22 @ 2:15pm

Reel Rascals Senior: Pack Your Bags! (67 minutes) Ages 5-6:

Bring your passport and travel the world in this series of international animated shorts that are certain to charm and entertain. This programme includes films from Canada, Ireland, Germany, USA, Russia, France, Georgia, Switzerland, Mexico, and South Africa.

April 08 @ 11:00am
April 14 @ 3:00pm
April 16 @ 1:00pm
April 22 @ 10:30am